Welcome to OWL Mail!
(STC Student Email)

You may access your new account by logging in with your student ID and PIN number, using any of the following methods detailed below.

Your email address will use the following format:
student_id@stc-smail.southeasterntech.edu, where student_id is your personal 9xxxxxxxx student id number.

Responsible usage of Owl Mail Student Email System
You, as a student, should remember that Owl Mail is your official mode of electronic communication with faculty and staff at STC. To maintain its effectiveness as such, you should observe the following tips:

  • Do not use your email address as a contact address for public entities on the internet. There are plenty of free internet email account providers to use for this purpose. This opens the door for email solicitors, who in turn, send unnecessary junk email, which burdens our system.
  • Check your email often. Remove items periodically that are no longer of importance. A cluttered inbox means you may miss important email from faculty or support staff. Also, periodic deletion of unneeded email frees up YOUR system space.
  • Since this is your official school email account, use it to send work and communication to instructors. If there is a problem with sending or receiving through Owl Mail, then IT support can aid you by tracking email transmission. We cannot effectively track emails sent from Yahoo, GMail, etc. If you can't meet a class deadline or respond to an instructor in a timely fashion due to an email not being received, and if you used Owl Mail, the burden is on us - if you used an outside email provider, the burden is on you.

Useful school links
Southeastern Tech Website
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Angel Online Learning Portal

Additional Information on email client applications

Lab Computer Usage:
Owl Mail should be accessed via web browser. Configuring email client applications (i.e. Outlook) on lab computers will not be saved beyond the active login session.

Information Delivery System (IDS):
IDS, also known as Remote Lab Access, is the portal through which students are given internal access to STC resources, such as Microsoft Office products, personal folders, and course-specific programs. The student may use the Outlook email client on this system as another method of checking student email. To use IDS, load http://ids.southeasterntech.edu. Outlook configuration, if desired, should follow the guidelines in the home email client section below.

Web client:
Our web-enabled email client is called Owl Mail. You may log into our student email server via the web at http://owl.southeasterntech.edu if you did not access this page from there. Your student ID and PIN are required to log in. The first time you log into the web interface, you will be prompted to supply your name and email address for contact information purposes. Your email address will be student_id@stc-smail.southeasterntech.edu. The web interface can be accessed from any computer, on-campus or off.

Home Computer Email Client Programs:
You may opt to configure your home computer email manager to include your student email account. STC's IT Dept. will offer only limited support for this, as we provide a pre-configured web interface. However, if you decide to include your student email account on your home email client application, here are some guidelines:

  1. Windows XP, etc.:
    A new Outlook or Outlook Express account should be configured for IMAP (receive) and SMTP (send). The mail server setting for send and receive should be owl.southeasterntech.edu. Your student id and PIN should be used for logon credentials. For sending, you should mark the checkbox for SMTP to use the same credentials as incoming mail. Also check the box that says "My server requires authentication". This may not come up during the 'wizard', so you might have to go back into the account properties and manually check it.
  2. GNU/Linux and other open source clients:
    In some of the open-source and Linux-based clients (including open-source clients ported to Windows OS), the send and receive settings do not have to be associated with the same account. You may have an account for receiving only or sending only. The advantage of this is that you could set up several receiving accounts and use only one account for sending. The disadvantage is that when you issue an email reply, it may return to the original sender with a different email address than the one anticipated unless you manually associate the sending address with a receiving account. At any rate, you should set receiving accounts to IMAP and sending to SMTP, and supply them with the correct credentials to log into whichever server they use. For Owl receiving or sending, this would be owl.southeasterntech.edu.
  3. POP3, Sendmail:
    POP3 (receiving) and Sendmail (sending) are disabled for our student email, so these account settings will not work with any client application.

One note concerning deletions:
Outlook and some other clients do not automatically delete a mail that has been marked for deletion. Mail that is marked for deletion will be displayed in Outlook with a line through it. A special program on the server will delete all mail marked for deletion at midnight, every night. You will have a chance to unmark any "deleted" mail before this program runs. Once the program completes, any marked mails will be permanently removed. The web client (Owl Mail) moves deleted items to trash by default, where they can be manually purged permanently by the user.

Note that you also have the option to permanently delete marked mail from within Outlook with the 'Purge mail' command from the toolbar. Use this if you want to go ahead and clear it from the mailbox. The mail will not be sent to a "Deleted items" folder. It will be removed permanently once you purge it.

If you have any problems, concerns, or suggestions please email the mail administrator at owl@southeasterntech.edu.

This page is available as a web page at http://owl.southeasterntech.edu/welcome.html.